Magnolia top / Sonia Estep Designs

I had a lot of fun doing a quick photo shoot for this top with my nine-year-old son. Yes, my nine-year-old and sometimes my 13-year-old take all my sewing pictures. I grab one of them whenever I have a few free minutes in my day, usually on a weekend, and torture them to take 100 pictures of me, all of which three are usable. I pay them a few bucks to do it and sometimes they’re grateful. 🙂

But while the photo shoot was fun (I love the backdrop of these photos!), I hesitated to use them…because I didn’t love the way my body looked in these pictures. It looked, well, it looked like me. A nearly 50 year old working mom who’s probably had a few too many cookies and glasses of wine in 2020. But then I decided to use them because I love these photos, I love this outfit, and most days I do love myself too.

Enough about me, let’s talk about this top – Sonia Estep Designs magnolia tee. This top is free for the pattern designer’s Facebook group members, so I highly recommend joining the group and getting the code. It’s a fairly basic top but a great wardrobe staple.

Be forewarned, it’s a fairly snug fit drafted with negative ease. I don’t care for close fitting tops around my middle area so when I cut out the pieces, I graded the pattern. My measurements put me at a size 8 with this designer so I grade it out to a size 12 at the waistline and then graded back to a size 8 at the hips. I was really happy with the results so when I make it again, I’ll do exactly the same thing. The fact that this designer offers projector patterns makes grading super easy!

I made the rounded hem version, and the top is actually quite long. But I decided to style it by tying up the side, and I really love the look. That also allowed me to be lazy and not finish the bottom hem! In fact, I still haven’t hemmed the sleeves and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to that because I’m pretty happy with it the way it is and the sewing queue is very long! Oh, and the fabric – I used a super soft rib knit that I got on sale at Fabric Mart fabrics.

And can I just tell you a little bit about the rest of this outfit which is 100% thrifted finds. How cute are this necklace and the shoes??

And can we pause for a second to talk about the awesomeness of this bag? $2 at Goodwill.

All in all, I feel pretty awesome in this outfit. Which is constructed around a really awesome top. I plan to make many more of these in the future.

Get the pattern here:

Check out my other makes from this designer:

Thanks for stopping by!

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