Autumn Spice Top / Ellie & Mac

When I feel that first chill in the air, I get giddy with excitement about pulling out the long sleeves, warm dresses and jeans. Honestly, I don’t love summer clothes. I like layers and layers and layers!

And one of my favorite tops for cooler weather is the Autumn Spice from Ellie & Mac. Certainly the name helps, but what I love about this pattern for Fall sewing is getting to combine different knit textures and prints to pair with jeans. I have two spice tops I’ve made over the last two years and I love to style them this way. But let’s take a minute to talk about how fun and easy this pattern is.

The pattern comes with a few options for color or pattern blocking, and all the pieces are separate. You then construct the sleeves and bodice parts from the separate pieces, and then you construct the garment. It’s REALLY straight forward and the instructions are clear. For my version, I didn’t have enough of the pink floral for the back, so did the back center in gray too.

The floral was from a reclaimed thick cotton knit skirt I picked up thrifting, and the gray sweater knit and black and white striped cotton knit were from the scrap pile.

I made my usual size large per my measurements for this designer and I like the fit. It’s a longer top so it also works well with tighter fitting pants since it covers my bum!

I already have two of these tops but I can envision a third at some point. It’s such a fun pattern!

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Get the pattern here (AFF link): Autumn Spice Top

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