Callie cardigan / Sonia Estep Designs

Whether curled up on the couch at home or out and about for fun or work, as soon as the weather goes below 70 degrees, I live in cardigan sweaters. They are so comfortable, shape forgiving, and versatile, so they are a staple in my wardrobe. And similar to salty snacks, good wine, and guacamole, I can’t NOT grab a great cardigan patterns when I see one. Especially when it comes from a tried and true designer and is on sales for the release. I introduce you to the Callie Cardigan!

The Callie was release two years ago but just rereleased by the designer with additional options – a longer length version and bishop sleeves. I grabbed the pattern at the release sale price of $5, downloaded the projector file, and an hour later had a fun new piece for my Fall wardrobe. (Projector sewing is still very new in the self-sewist world and I’ll do a blog post on it soon.)

I sewed the short length (which as you can see in my photos is not really short) with regular long sleeves. I made a size 10 though my measurements put me in an 8 because I wanted to have room to layer underneath. These days I tend to only glance over instructions but I followed these pretty closely for attaching the front pieces to the back because the instruction is different than other cardigans I’ve sewn and really, really clever. Basically it allows you to have the look of the flowy front with just one unique cut pattern piece per side. I’m all about efficient sewing so count me impressed!

I left all of the edges raw but may come back and finish them with a rolled hem on my serger. I used a gorgeous waffle knit tie dye fabric from Knit Pop that is soooooo soft and comfy but I’m worried it may fray at the edges if I don’t do a finish. But I have a long queue of other unfinished pieces that need various hems and stitches so I’ll enjoy this beautiful new piece a few times before it has to get in line for support. Wait time – four weeks and counting….

In addition to loving this cardigan, what I really love about my outfit in these photos – 100% of what I am wearing is hand-made or thrifted! You won’t be seeing it, but my bra and underwear are self-sewn from indie patterns, my earrings are handmade by me, and my jeans, top and boots are thrift store finds. How cute are these boots?? I just picked them up at our local Salvation Army thrift store for $5!

Jeans were maybe $6 and the tee was $3 (and from Banana Republic I will add!) I feel so euphoric when I give these great pieces a second life in my closet and marry them with my own handmade items.

Get the pattern here: Callie Cardigan

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