Elevate overlay top / Greenstyle

I only recently discovered Greenstyle patterns so my love affair with them is new. What I’ve noticed is that although they seem to be largely designed for casual workout wear, the lazier folks like myself can create ‘comfy out and about’ pieces. The Elevate overlay top is the perfect example.

The Elevate pattern is actually two patterns in one – a tight fitting cropped tank top and then the looser overlay top which you can make sleeveless or with the added long sleeves, and with or without cuffs. It has a cool layered back which can also be worn in the front. Or you could make the top with two plain pieces without the overlay in the back. You can also make it with or without the waist band, and if you make the bandless version, there is an option to leave the back piece separate but them knot them in the back.

I made the plain front/overlap back/long sleeves/band with cuffs option. And it is seriously one of my all time favorite slouchy tops. I have worn this particular one so much that it is already starting to pill. Boo!

Here is a shot of the back; you can see I have a tank top under it but I also wear this with a funky sports bra and it looks fun that way too.

Here is one of the features I love about this top – you can flip it around for a different look. I really like it equally both ways.

I will definitely be making more of the Elevate top and trying a few of the other options. One word of caution – caution being a strong word – it is definitely roomy. My measurements put me between the E and F sizes so I made the F; next time I may size down depending on the fabric. I could easily see this in a nice warm sweater knit for the Fall!

Get the pattern here: https://greenstylecreations.com/collections/womens-patterns/products/elevate-crop-top-and-overlay

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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