Summer 2020 / My top five frequented fabric sites

As this unusual and difficult summer draws to a close, I am taking stock of all the fabric I bought and mostly didn’t sew over the last six months. And boy, it’s a lot. I have a REALLY HARD TIME not stocking up when fabric sites have big sales, and sales they did have galore this year. I tended to hit up some of my tried and sites versus try new ones, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share them with you! Let me add this caveat – there are TONS of amazing small online shops that sell custom and/or really high quality fabric, and I have a few faves of these too. But I was all about the deals this summer, thus my top five list for this post.

  1. Nick of Time Textiles

I love Nick of Time for basic cotton lycra – which is pictured above. That’s mostly what I buy at this site, except for the occasional sweater knit or other knits on sale. They have a great select of colors and also weights. I sewed up this Mandy top from Sonia Estep Designs in their 10 ounce version. You can read about this pattern here.

The best thing about their site is the bulk discounts, which are applied automatically to your card. And you can mix and match any fabrics to meet the discount level. Wow!!

Buy 5$0.50 off Per Yard
Buy 10$1.00 off Per Yard
Buy 15$1.50 off Per Yard
Buy 18$2.00 off Per Yard

2. Fabric Mart Fabrics

I probably should have put this one at the top because it is my absolute favorite site to shop right now. Fabricmart has a huge rotating inventory of all types of apparel fabric at steep discounts. Every day they have additional sales on specific fabric types (yesterday was an additional 60% off all cotton). Fabricmart has flat $9.99 shipping or you pay $14.99 for the order to leave their warehouse in two business days. Above is a recent haul – a purple sweater knit, pink velvet knit, and this awesome houndstooth and polka dot double knit. I’m addicted to checking this site every week!

3. Knitfabric

This one is definitely a tried and true popular site. I picked this light weight super soft jersey there this summer:

Knitfabric has a great assortment of all knits, and if you are a fan of double-brushed poly (DBP), this site doesn’t disappoint.

4. Girl Charlee

I hadn’t shopped this site for the last few years (I just sort of forgot about it!) and when I checked back this summer, they were just as awesome as I remembered. Girl Charlee stocks lots of really fun knit prints, especially stripes. I love their sales section and picked up this seriously marked down designer fabric which I believe is also an organic knit. It will shortly become a dress I think.

5. High End Fabric (on Etsy)

I heard about this Etsy shop in one of my many Facebook sewing groups and it’s a great find! The owner has tons of high quality and many organic fabrics at affordable prices. I bought a few different bases to feel it out, and I love ALL the fabric I bought. They have a lot of bamboo fabric, which can be pricey and hard to find too. Here are two super soft modal fabrics I picked up for less than $10 a yard.

Again, this list is just based on the sites I frequented the most this Spring and Summer. There so many amazing online fabric shops these days – I could sit down right now and make a list of at least fifty! But I’ll save that list for another post.

Do you shop at these sites? Where do you get your best deals on good quality apparel fabric? Do you actually sew it up or just hoard it like I do?

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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