Lotus top / Love Notions

I recently grabbed this pattern on a site-wide sale at Love Notions Designs (sorry, you missed it!). I was drawn to the unique design with the twist in the front – I didn’t have anything like this in my pattern library or my closet so I snapped it up. I love the finished product!

It’s actually a fairly easy sew. The pattern features dolman sleeves (so no separate sleeves to attach or set). The front piece is one long piece that you sort of flip and twist, and then sew down the middle. I love that the designer has a note in the instructions that literally says, “Don’t overthink this part!”. But I did so it took me about 20 minutes to resolve the flip in my head; had i just followed the instructions, it would have taken more like 5 minutes.

Love Notions Lotus Blossom Blouse Pattern

I sewed up a size medium which is where my measurements put me for this designer. There are two ways to sew this up – either as one long piece per above but to do this you will need to use a reversible fabric since are “flipping and twisting” the front and so the wrong side will show on half of the top. If you don’t want to use a reversible fabric, there are instructions for how to split the pattern in half. I hate hemming dolman sleeves so I did a rolled hem on my serger.

I can definitely see myself making this top again, and next time will try a non-reversible fabric (which covers 99% of my stash) and then follow the instructions to make that work.

You can get the pattern here: https://www.lovenotions.com/product/lotus-blossom-blouse-for-ladies-xs-xxxl

Please don’t let the twist scare you – this is a great pattern!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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