Nicolette dress / Sonia Estep Designs

One thing I learned over this summer when I worked almost exclusively from my home office is that dresses are WAY more comfortable than even most shorts. And so despite going out very little and certainly not any place that would call for a dress, I found that I preferred to wear them.

So this Nicolette dress from Sonia Estep Designs became a fast favorite.

I made the knee length tank version, but there are lots more options to try:

I sewed up a size 8, which is where my measurements put me with this designer. I used SED’s projector file so no printing or waiting, and it was a really quick sew.

I ended up with this color block look because I ruined the back pieces by accidentally cutting out two identical backs instead of mirroring them…so I ran out of this pretty pink ITY fabric. I found some coordinating gray/purple ITY in my stash which saved the day. As with many designs like this, you can cut the back out in two pieces and sew up a back seam or you can eliminate the seam allowance and cut on the fold. Oh if I had only done that…but I like this look so all good.

You can get the pattern here:

And if you’d like, you can check out my other SED sews:

I’m going to try this one out again for Fall/Winter in a heavier weight knit and long sleeves. This time I’ll pay attention when I’m cutting out the pieces!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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