Oliver top / Seamwork

About three years ago I signed up for an online subscription to Seamwork magazine from Colette Patterns. I pay about $4 a month which gives me access to tons of sewing content and also buys me a credit for any pattern across the Seamwork and Colette pattern libraries, which is a pretty good deal. I find the patterns to be a little hit or miss, biggest issue for me being that the fit oftentimes doesn’t turn out as expected. I think the issue for me is that sometimes it ends up looking so different on me than the model in terms of how it looks proportionately, and I’m of pretty average proportions. Anyway – I DO like a lot of the patterns I’ve tried over the years and recently sewed up the Oliver top for the first time.

The Oliver has an interesting fit – somewhat boxy and a little short but not necessarily cropped. It is drafted with Lantern sleeves which adds a cool design element. It is finished with a facing and a hem.

All in all, I would say I LIKE this top, but I have so many top patterns I LOVE and a hundred others I want to try, so I’m not sure when I’ll come back to this and sew another. But I love that I still have tons of pattern credits left in my Seamwork account and sooooo many items on my wishlist to try.

If you haven’t before, check out Seamwork.com – lots of cool stuff to read and learn!

Thanks for stopping by!

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